Perspectives From The National Director Of AESA, Dr. Lee Warne (ESA Talk #2)


Today’s guest is Dr. Lee Warne, Executive Director of the Association of Educational Service Agencies. WarneOur visit with Lee focuses on the opportunities and barriers faced by the nearly 600 Educational Service Agencies (ESA) in the USA.

What is the most exciting thing going on at the national ESA level? Most exciting is the leadership training now being offered through AESA for the existing, new, and potential CEO’s of ESA’s.  Three levels of professional learning for ESA leaders exist in the Executives in Residence, New CEO Networking, and the CEO Mentorship programs.  For more information and the contact information on these programs, see

What primary opportunities exist for ESA’s? Dr. Warne shares one of the primary opportunities for ESA’s across the country is the networking that is occurring between agencies via social media, marketing of services, and actual visits between different agencies.  All of which are leading to expanding the spiraling of knowledge that leads to better service from the ESA to the schools. Networks between ESA’s are growing not only within states, but also as multiple states. Specialties and expertise in services and products are being paired between agencies to better provide for the schools and learners.

As with all opportunities, what are the barriers to overcome? Protecting the ‘revenue stream’ and/or ‘geographic area of operation’ of and by each ESA seems to be a top priority. These barriers lead to a mentality of abundance vs scarcity, which must be overcome if ESA’s are to continue to advance. In order to do such, Dr. Warne discusses and provides examples of how ESA’s are now looking for opportunities for partnerships, collaboration, and business-to-business development. Perhaps the most beneficial ways to connect with other ESA’s can be found by attending the AESA Annual Conference and Summer CEO Conference.Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 3.34.19 PM copy

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