Principle 3: Efficient Word Recognition (Literacy Principle #4)

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 3.40.06 PMPrinciple 3: Efficient word recognition is essential to reading comprehension.

Decades of research support the need for explicit and systematic phonics instruction.  Both decoding and language comprehension abilities are necessary for reading, and both must be strong.  Strength in one area (decoding or language comprehension) cannot compensate for a deficit in the other area.  Join Robi Alstrom and Jane Seward for guidelines on accurate and automatic word recognition.

Mehta, P.D., Foorman, B.R., Branum-Martin, L. & Taylor, W.P. (2005) “Literacy as a unidimensional multilevel construct: Validation, sources of influence, and implications in a longitudinal study in grades 1-4.” Scientific Studies of Reading 9(2), 85-116.

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