Project Based Learning With Special Guest Ginger Lewman (SpedCast #12)


g&c antiqueTopic today is Project Based Learning: special guest Ginger Lewman, whose passion and   expertise  (or one of them anyway) is Project Based Learning.

Ginger has been working with districts on connecting it with the new Common Core State standards. Given the diversity of Special Education, I believe our listeners will be asking how can PBL benefit?

Key Questions:

1. Aren’t projects and project based learning the same thing?

2.  A walk through a sample project

3. PBL recipe cards – how can they support educators in the process of integrating Projects into their      instruction?

4. How should teachers assess the learning and translate that to a grade?

5. How can educators be sure that they are truly covering the standards with PBL?

6.  What about Special Populations? How do you see PBL benefiting them?

Below is a robust collection of resources to support teachers and leaders in planning for assessing Special Populations. This collection includes the recipe cards for PBL as well as a Live-binder of additional supports.

LifePracticePBL  – for recipe cards

Livebinder of resources

Buck Institute

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