Raise Your Awareness To Make A Personal Difference (Leading In Life #21)


How are you showing up?

Tamara and Tammy discuss the power of awareness with regards to how someone energetically shows up in situations. Being reflective and asking ourselves about the story we are telling in our own mind is important to raising our awareness and then choosing our own actions.

One strategy these two coaches use is the T.E.A. Strategy.self-aware-01 copy

What is the Thought?
What is the Emotion that thought is causing?
What is the Action I am choosing as a result of the emotion?
Is that Action benefiting me and those around me?


Anabolic and catabolic energy is not good and bad energy. It is energy that is moving one forward or holding one back. It is for each of us to decide the course one wants to take in a given situation. Awareness is key to this process, otherwise, one just goes down the path their emotions take them versus making conscious decisions.

Tamara and Tammy discuss the difference between compliance and commitment. They reflect on “Doing it” and “Owning it” and the impact that has on the outcome. Are your true passions and values aligned to what you are doing?

The journey these two ladies are referring to is one of becoming a Coach Centric Leader. Coach Centric Leadership is different than any other coaching or leadership program. Most programs focus on the “what” and the “how.” Coach Centric Leaders focus on the “who” as well. Here is a link to more information regarding this opportunity and how to be included:


The book Tamara and Tammy refer to in this podcast is:

Energy Leadership by Bruce D. Schneider

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