Educational Change: The Impossible Dream (Remarkable Chatter #20)

Curtis Chandler ..Change is hard.  Unfortunately the bigger and more entrenched the organization, the harder it becomes to achieve true systemic change.  That’s why advocates of school reform often become discouraged when change seems to occur at a glacial pace.  In this episode of Remarkable Chatter, Curtis Chandler, the 2011 Kansas State Teacher of the Year, targets his top three ways to transform education:

1.  Emphasize innovation and creativity

2.  Effectively infuse technology into the classroom

3.  Create a culture of constant improvement, growth, and development that is a positive enjoyable experience.

Join Curtis and hosts Tamara Konrade and Ginger Lewman as they discuss ways teachers and administrators can stop jousting at windmills and start making the impossible dream come true.

Curtis Chandler is an educator, staff developer, and doctoral student at Kansas State University who has worked with the Center forTeacher Quality, the Council of Chief State School Officers,  and with school districts around the nation to enhance the instructional capacity and preparation of teachers.  His current projects involve strategic work to infuse game dynamics into instruction and assessment. Curtis was named the Kansas State Teacher of the Year in 2011 and is also an inductee into the Mid-America Educator Hall of Fame.  He currently serves on the board for MACE to help schools improve the use of instructional technology.  Above all, he enjoys spending time with his wife and favorite “students”–his 4 boys ranging in age from two to nine years of age.

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