Virtual Learning Experience – Avaya Live (Remarkable Chatter #22)

Virtual Learning Experience – Avaya Live

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Whether it’s called online learning, virtual classes, distance education, webinars, or something else, most people have a mental image of a passive, unengaged, non-collaborative experience.  However, if those same people saw AvayaLive, they would have a new understanding of how to do virtually learning the right way.  AvayaLive, a closed simulation experience, provides participants with the feeling of reality as they navigate an avatar through a virtual environment.   Mark Cosby, consultant at C-Point Consulting, invited Tamara, Steve and Bill to an Avaya virtual environment he created. Using a shared desktop, they watched a presentation, accessed files from a drop box, worked on white boards, posted and streamed recorded video, and projected live video onto the video wall.  It quickly became evident that the sessions are collaborative, active, and in-the-moment.  

AvaylaLive with its 3D capability  not only enables the participants to listen to what the presenter says, but to travel to different areas and hold private conversations.  After experiencing this new tool, the discussion quickly turned to what does this mean for education.  How can classroom content can be delivered virtually in a more engaging, collaborative way.

Join Tamara Konrade, Steve Wyck0ff and Bill Hagerman as they discuss their AvayaLive experience and explore ways it can be used for small learning groups, large presentations, product demonstrations, and one-on-one coaching.

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