Robots, iPads And Museums (History Tech #36)

Yep, there is nothing better than a good history museum with all their interactive displays, interesting artifacts, and knowledgeable docents. Done well, a museum visit is not just a good time but can be an incredible learning experience.

More and more school districts are struggling to fund off-site field trips to history museums. Subs, entrance fees, fuel costs all add to make it difficult to get kids from schools into places like the Kansas History Museum. And so many museums,  have been forced to develop a variety of tools that attempt to replicate actual visits.

Museum and Education Director Mary Madden and her staff at the Kansas Museum of History have came up with ways to replicate actual visits. Their Traveling Trunks are very cool. The Read Kansas cards are a great example of practical and aligned lesson plans that focus on literacy and social studies. Using a DoubleRobotics iPad robot, a free online app, and internet technology, classes are able to “visit” the museum virtually.

Join Glenn to hear more on ways you can get your students to a museum near you.

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