Safe Rooms: Is Your Safe Room Safe? (Special Episode)

This podcast was originally published May 28, 2013, eight days after the devastating Moore Oklahoma tornado.

As we enjoy watching the green buds appear, the flowers beginning to bloom, or the children out playing outdoors we should also be aware that severe weather might happen at any time. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and lightning are some of Nature’s most violent storms; therefore having a safe room is important.Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.06.22 AM

However, is your safe room safe?   The safest place for school children during severe weather is a designed/engineered storm shelter that meets Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.  Corey Schultz is among the top designers in the country and has lead PBArchitects in designing 50 shelters, protecting the lives of thousands of students and residents of Kansas.

Corey is a member on the review committee in the establishment of FEMA 361 guidelines and associated benefit cost analysis software. He has recently served as a voting member on the International Code Council (ICC) Consensus Committee on Storm Shelters, which regulates “the design, construction and installation of safe, reliable and economical storm shelters.”  His advocacy of education to other professionals and consultants ensures many more shelters will be designed for the preservation of individuals and communities across the country.

Allan Milbrandt another PBA Architect, specializing in Educational Planning & Design, also discusses what can be created in new construction as well has transforming you existing structure into a safe room.

If you have a need to make the typical classroom into a safe room check out FEMA 361, which has an assessment checklist for comparing one space to another and compare one building to another.   There are also grants that you can apply for to help with funding of your safe room

For assistance in grant management and acquisition contact Clelia McCrory at Essdack, 1500 E. 11th Ave. Suite 200, Hutchinson, KS 67501        620-663-9566    


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