Teacher Tips for Successful Classroom Inclusion-1/4 episodes (Spedcast #2):

Inclusion has been around for quite a few years, but the reality of making it work can be Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.56.35 PMchallenging. Consider a leveled system where the student(s) requires different support based on the amount of help needed. (McNary, Glascow, & Hicks, 2005)

            Level 1: Support (as Needed)

  • IEP
  • Para/Sped assistance as needed
  • Teacher makes accomodations
  • Team selects objectives for passing class
  • Grade level state assessment

INTERVENTIONS: (as needed)

  1. Modified assignments, Student mentors, Notes provided
  2. Alternative modes of representation of knowledge( oral presentation, computer generated writing,  multiple choice)
  3. Positive behavior supports
  4. Student tracks own data
  5. Agenda
  6. Model of end product
  7. Written/verbal directions
  8. Break long assignments into parts, sequence steps, and monitor
  9. Highlight key points
  10. Permit test retakesWhat Successful Teachers Do in the Inclusive Classroom (McNary, Glascow and Hicks)

Other  Resources:

iPad apps and other recommended tools:  Notibility, Dragon Dictation, Comiclife, Edmoto


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