School change: The “Death of education, but the dawn of learning?”

My friend Allan Milbradt sent me a link with information about the 2010 Midwest Great Lakes Regional Conference Virtual Conference. In the information there were two videos featuring Prof.¬†Stephen Heppell. He’s talking about school change in a very compelling way. But what really got my attention was one quote. He said we may be seeing, “The death of education, but the dawn of learning.” I couldn’t agree more.

When our kids come to school it’s like going back in time. What they are doing on their own time and in their own way, using modern technology, is fascinating. For the most part, what we have them doing in school is boring and irrelevant.

Perhaps the way we are finally going to make real school change is to just admit that our schools are irrelevant in preparing our students for their future, but serve the useful purpose of custodial care and test preparation. Prof.Heppell paints a picture of school change that seems plausible, and there is no doubt that we have islands of excellence in the educational community. But I don’t see any evidence of broad systemic change in our schools. – Steve Wyckoff

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