Social Emotional Development In Early Childhood With Kaylin Koehn (The Short Giraffe Teacher #5)

Teacher Tip

Try giving kindness flowers on the behaviors you want to focus on and reinforce their good behavior.






Kalin Koehn’s past experience as a Speech-Language Therapist, and Head Start Director has enhanced her ability to successfully analyze programs and provide support in many early childhood areas including screenings, assessment, and curriculum implementation, as well as grant and budget development.

Most recently, she has been working as an independent consultant for Head Start programs in Kansas, providing mentoring and trainings for directors and management staff; she develops and conducts individualized trainings and workshops.  Trainings have focused on program implementation, data analysis, and enhancing classroom outcomes.   In an effort to target school readiness, she has mentored Head Start grantees in compiling and analyzing their CLASS and child outcomes data, which has lead to pinpointing areas of strength and need and to setting program wide goals.
As a contracted Office of Head Start Reviewer, Kalin has completed Office of Head Start Monitoring Reviews  within early education programs across the nation.   The review assignments require gathering program information, compiling the information and data found, and working with the teams to complete the protocol and write summary reports.


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