STEM Everyday: #128 | Get Ready for Kinazium! | feat. Susan Crouse

Imagine a dynamic construction set that lets you build mazes, games, race tracks, with ramps, gates, hoops and more for your classroom robots!   Kinazium is hands on fun for building environments letting you gamify your robots and rolling toys! Programable sensors are included for timing, points, and more.  Kinazium unleashes the potential of robots by giving kids the tools to design mazes, games and more for playing, racing and competing. At home or in school, Kinazium engages kids for hours.  Susan Crouse is the Founder & CEO of Traxart Toys, and committed to helping kids “play and engage with robots in the classroom and at home.”  

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Host Chris Woods – HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter & Podcaster, iBook creator “STEM is everywhere… Let me help you see it & add it to your classroom.”

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