STEM Everyday: 132 | Wiggly, Tasty, Gritty, Stinky, Shiny, Fizzy, Zippy, Real Science | feat. Alan Small

Alan grew up in Fort Worth Texas, and started taking Science Classes at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History when he was three years old.  He took classes there until the age of fourteen when the museum hired him to work as an assistant teacher! Alan worked there for 15 years learning how to hunt bugs, catch lizards, feed snakes, make liquid nitrogen ice cream, lick dinosaur bones, and dissect dead cars. Alan has taught Science classes to explorers of all levels from pre-kindergarten through adult. He regularly leads professional development for teachers looking for ways to add real science into their classrooms!

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Host Chris Woods – HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter & Podcaster, iBook creator “STEM is everywhere… Let me help you see it & add it to your classroom.”