STEM Everyday: #149 | Don’t Let Lack Of Information Or Inspiration Get In The Way | feat. Sarita Menon

Smore started as a small idea in 2017. They have since published 12 issues that have inspired young children in 20 countries worldwide.

As a STEM educator, Sarita enjoyed bringing hands-on STEM to elementary students. And now as the creator and editor of Smore magazine, she is passionately focused on addressing the lack of female role models in STEM for young girls and boys to look up too. In addition to teaching children about science and engineering subjects, it is also important to share the stories of successful people in STEM so children especially girls can see themselves in those roles and careers.

Chris Woods is your host for the STEM Everyday Podcast  – HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter & Podcaster, iBook creator “STEM is everywhere… Let me help you see it & add it to your classroom.”