STEM Everyday #81 | Lang’s Lab

• build relationships
• play games
• laugh
• release control, build independence (in other words, stop taking yourself so seriously!)
• stop wasting your money on store-bought stuff to decorate with
• let the kids take ownership over their learning space
Jodie Lang was the 2012 Ontario Elementary Teacher of the Year.  In one of her blog posts she says;

It’s only taken me 24 years to come to some great realizations. I made a decision before the first day of school that my goal was to make the kids want to come back to school. Forget rules and routines, procedures and policies, I want to make the beginning an enjoyable experience.

Join Chris and Jodie as they discuss trying new things in class, failing (because yes sometimes you fail but that’s ok), and letting the kids take control of the classroom in a good way.

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