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Host Chris Woods welcomes Amine Lajmi and Jabier Martinez from Coding Park. Coding Park by PlugBee is an interactive e-learning platform that helps kids learn computational thinking while playing games.  Kids code the progression of game characters using a programming language having the core concepts of any real world programming language, including variables, loops, conditional experessions, and so on. By making the learning process fun and interactive, kids are immersed in the learning experience as if they were exploring a world of infinite possibilities.

Amine Lajmi PhD – Amine is a computer scientist, expert in language engineering and software architectures. He has more than ten years of experience in various industries, including oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and defense. He contributes to several open-source projects and speaks regularly in conferences. Amine is responsible of all Coding Park’s game engines.


Jabier Martinez PhD – Jabier is a researcher in software engineering and holds a post-doc position at Sorbonne University and Pierre & Marice Curie University. His research interests include variability management, software product line engineering, mining 810-403 existing assets, and reverse engineering. Jabier is responsible of the game and the Play 070-464 language design.


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