Sterling High School’s Volt Project (What’s Become Clear #31)

picture1Welcome to the SHS Chevy Volt Project!

Sparked (pun intended!) by a “What if?” comment during discussion of an assignment in Environmental Science last winter, the idea for this project can be traced back to a workshop I attended that focused on helping to integrate an understanding of economics into classroom discussion using current environmental issues.

One of the points emphasized in this workshop is now the basis for the SHS Chevy Volt Project: solutions to environmental issues are usually found in economics. This idea planted the seed from which our project grew.

As news of the Chevrolet Volt began to hit the headlines in 2010, my 40-mile round-trip daily commute led to an obvious hypothetical case study – “When it comes to saving money and being environmentally friendly, are electric vehicles like the Volt the car of the future?”

Thus, the “SHS Chevy Volt Project” was born—the idea to lease a Volt as a school district vehicle for three years and put it to the test in a highly integrated, real-life study. I paid for a 240V charging station that has been installed in my garage at home and as the primary driver of our Volt will be paying for the electricity and gas involved in my commute. As a school vehicle it will also be used by other teachers and administrators throughout the lease, too. Every week we are testing different variables and recording our results and we will share our results and provide frequent updates here on our school web page and also at

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