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Seasoned Green Oak

P1040949KeviniPhoneIcon_Big (3)with Kevin Honeycutt

Seasoned Green Oak is a collection of stories from my challenged childhood. In these episodes I share what I learned and what I think people can take from these stories to build a life on.

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Cody Talks Education

cody-headiPhoneIcon_Bigwith Cody Heitschmidt

Cody is a mixture of entrepreneur and marketer and other miscellaneous stuff. He has started businesses and failed and started businesses and succeeded. He enjoys discussing 21st century marketing and communications tactics and tools and has become obsessed with the need for teaching our children the actual skills they will need to succeed in the future they are headed towards. Oh… he’s also the Marketing Director at ESSDACK.

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Better Learning for Schools

curtisiPhoneIcon_Big (1)with Curtis Chandler

The Better Learning for Schools Podcast blends educational research, resources, and perspectives from around the world with a bit of humor and novelty. A central focus of the show is to aggregate various capacity-building tools and instructional practices employed both in and out of education, and then explore how they could be utilized in the classroom. Whether, we are concerned with student learning, teacher practices, assessment, student engagement, literacy, classroom dynamics or anything else—in a world this big, there are bound to be a few really great ideas out there somewhere. Let’s find them, explore them, and put them to work in our classrooms. Let’s make sure that we all are working towards better learning for schools.

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What’s Become Clear

Steve smallwbcwith Dr. Steve Wyckoff

You may be wondering about the name of this podcast/blog, What’s Become Clear. Several years ago I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days listening to some of the best minds in America. One of those individuals was Tom Peters. Tom is considered to be one of the great business thinkers of our time and he did a wonderful presentation. At the end of his presentation he asked the question, “As a result of today’s conversation, what has become clear to you?” I thought it was a fascinating question and it really prompted me to think deeply. Since that time I’m forever asking people, “So what’s become clear to you?”

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Liz and mekssatalkwith Dr. Bill Hagerman

Educators today, more than ever before, have an incredible amount of information available to them. Meetings and events occur across the state, and it is impossible for any administrator to attend everything that goes on, even if they wanted to. So KSSA – the Kansas School Superintendent’s Association – is working hard to help members and others have one more source of relevant and current information.

KSSA Talk is a weekly podcast sponsored by KSSA and hosted by ESSDACK Service Center. It is intended to be a source that superintendents and other interested educators can use to help stay informed on issues and policies that affect the education of children all across the state. Our education system is changing. New standards are being implemented, instructional methods are developing, new assessments are being considered, and legislation will be considered. KSSA’s mission is to be a strong voice for education in Kansas. KSSA Talk is one more way to move that mission forward.

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Leading in Life

TamaraiPhoneIcon_Big (5)with Tamara Konrade

Leading In Life podcast is designed to help every person live a life full of awareness, passion, and high energy!   Information and strategies will be discussed, creating opportunities for you to empower, engage, and increase your energy.  If you want to reach your fullest potential, minimize the stress in your life, and lead passionately, this show is for you!  Everyone is a leader by choice or default and this weekly podcast will support you as you create the life you desire and optimize success in all aspects of your life!


with Tammy Fellers

The hosts, Tammy Fellers and Tamara Konrade, are Core Energy Coaches and are Master Practitioners of the Energy Leadership Index assessment.  This attitudinal assessment is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.

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‘stock Talk

gingerstocktalkiconwith Ginger Lewman and Andrea Keller

Welcome to ‘stock Talk, where the conversation revolves around the revolutionary EdTech conference, Podstock! Sure, it’s all about learning the latest technology for schools, but it’s also just a whole lot of fun!  BecausePodstock is more than a conference. It’s a community. It’s a happening. But most of all it’s a family. Welcome home!

headshot1-300x246The purpose of ‘stock Talk is to share the inside view of Podstock: how it started, how it grew, the growing community involvement, and the way it has redefined “professional learning” for the participants. Come with us as we explore what pieces make this unique event work.

So, who’s running the show?

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History Tech

iPhoneIcon_Big (6)glennwith Glenn Wiebe

The History Tech podcast is a lot like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – it’s the best of both social studies and tech! We’ll talk about best practices, new tools, fun gadgets, great web sites, and just about anything that catches my attention. There’ll be special guests and all sorts of helpful resources. You won’t want to miss a single episode!

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Literacy PrinciplesiPhoneIcon_Big (4)

JaneJane Seward

In 2007, Jane brought her belief to ESSDACK that teaching reading really is “rocket science.”  Her passion for literacy is shared with teachers as she sees them empowered in their ability to teach a broader range of students to read at grade level.  Prior to ESSDACK, Jane was an elementary teacher before spending seven years as the reading specialist for South Central Kansas Special Education Cooperative in Pratt.

Robi AlstramRobi

Robi possesses ESSDACK  a variety of teaching experiences at the middle school, high school, and community college levels. She has taught English, social studies, at-risk reading, and special education, but her true passion is helping struggling readers. By sharing her knowledge of reading with other teachers, Robi hopes to impact the reading achievement of more students. Along with teaching reading, Robi loves brain research and all things ELA. She is a self-proclaimed Grammar Queen.

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It’s a Matter of PrincipaliPhoneIcon_Big (1)

Marciwith Marci Shearon and Amy Wagoner

Marci served first as a high school assistant principal and then principal. During her tenure as principal, the school was named a Breakthrough High School, being recognized as a high performing, high poverty school.


Amy is a school improvement specialist for ESSDACK in Hutchinson, KS. Prior to her work with ESSDACK, she was an elementary and middle school teacher for ten years and and school principal for 7 years. Her passion is to help school leaders achieve the changes needed in their district to provide every student with a remarkable education. She believes that change can happen if every school building has great leaders who dream big, plan, measure and constantly tweak what needs to occur for EACH student to succeed. Amy says, “I love to help people learn and grow into the best version of themselves they can possibly be. Leadership is about helping people stay on course toward their future regardless of the obstacles they encounter!”

Both Amy’s and Marci’s desire to make a difference in schools has led them to hosting this podcast that is to address topics that matter to principals.

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The Short Giraffe TeacheriPhoneIcon_Big

caranne-headshotwith Carianne Short

The Short Giraffe name comes from my last name (Carianne Short) and from the fact that I am intrigued by giraffes as a species.  They are tall and I am short (literally) and I also work with the shortest students in education.  This podcast will cover topics that come up in the early childhood world.  We will talk about my passions which include those ah-ha moments in early childhood, working with families in poverty, and literacy.

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Sticky Standards

Professional learning that sticks.


stickystandardswith Dayna Richardson

The purpose and focus of Sticky Standards: Professional Learning that Sticks, isPROFESSIONAL LEARNING.  These podcasts focus on the Professional Learning standards that have been adopted by Learning Forward.

As learners, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the Professional Learning Standards and make connections with any initiative/upcoming change within their team, building, district, and/or state.


  • Learning starts with sticky fingers and sand in our socks.
  • People learn in a community of practice.
  • Change is a process, not an event.
  • Change happens the moment we ask the right question.
  • At our school, it is EVERYONE’s  job to learn!
  • Learning = Change.  Change = Learning.
  • Change happens one conversation at a time.
  • Professional Learning is the SOLUTION!

Join us as we explore the Professional Learning standards that make learning STICK! 

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Intended Consequences

9673iPhoneIcon_Bigwith Gary Sechrist

Too often, a well- intended local decision leads to “unintended consequences.”  The Leadership services division of the Kansas Association of School Boards will provide these podcasts at regular intervals to offer relevant advice, news and information.   Superintendents and Boards making wise decisions based upon sound advice and situational awareness will lead to “intended outcomes” rather than the dreaded “unintended consequence.”

These KASB podcasts are designed for superintendents and local board members to make informed decisions that lead to “Intended Consequences.”

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By the Numbers

Reneewith Renee Smith

As you might guess, By the Numbers is a math podcast.  But this isn’t your “mama’s math”, this is math for “Their Future”.  “They” are the kids in the seats today and all the ones to come.  This is about what we need to change in math education to help our students be prepared for the real world when they leave our classrooms.

We’ll talk about best practices, resources, web sites, apps, and anything else that sparks my interest. There’ll be special guests, helpful tips and a little “sum”thing for everyone.  “Count” on it!

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Jerry The Tech Guy

jerryiPhoneIcon_Big (1)with Jerry Butler

Jerry is a tech guy that explores tech topics. This program will help you with your tech issues without making you feel tech challenged… a nerd with social skills! We will cover tech trends, tips for users and have discussions with area tech leaders. We will explore tech trends and issues, look at what is on the horizon and have a good time!

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The Way I See It

EstiniPhoneIcon_Big (1)with Estin Talavera

A podcast that explores life technology and Estin’s experiences as a person who is blind. Adaptive technology to assist people with visual impairments will be tested. Estin will also share some of his personal experiences.

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Beyond Inclusive Technology

P1040949Kevin Greg O’Connor

Beyond Inclusive Technology – These podcast will focus on the use of inclusive technologies in special education classrooms and in regular education classrooms to support students who struggle with learning for whatever reasons. I want to look at not only what is happening now but also explore beyond where we are at – innovations, disruptions and future directions. The title is about looking beyond the “this is what we do” paradigm and explore the “what is possible” for ALL students. Taking inspiration from Apollo 13 and the catch cry of ‘failure is not an option’ – these podcasts will explore why failure should not be an option for any students, particularly when we have so many technology tools to add to our teaching toolkit and add to their digital lives to help this be a reality!
Also take the beginning letters from Beyond Inclusive Technology and you have BIT – the basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. The podcast will not bet bogged down in tech jargon or overwhelm the listener with too much whiz-bangery. While it will not be basic, it will be practical, sometimes brief, accessible and essential advice and ideas on supporting ALL students using technology. Why not join me?

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