Talent Show (Seasoned Green Oak #3)


At some point most of us have said, “I’d love to learn to…” (insert dream here).  Unfortunately, what sometimes follows is all the excuses for why we can’t learn/do the thing we desire.  In this episode, Kevin shares how he overcame obstacles as he pursued his dream of learning to play the guitar.

Despite a disastrous talent show performance as an 8th grader and a lack of money for formal lessons, he realized that he had to persevere to achieve his goal.  What he discovered through the process was the importance of taking advantage of every learning opportunity. “You can stay by yourself and hope and try to build everything out of your own thinking, or you can associate with fine people and let them be your mentors and go through life adding pieces of value to your own thinking by associating with people.”  Listen in as Kevin encourages everyone to find the thing they want to learn and go learn it.

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