Teacher Tips for Successful Classroom Inclusion-2/4 episodes (Spedcast #3)

No matter the age, most students want to be with their peers as  part of the regular education Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.56.35 PMclassroom .  Studies indicate that when students are “included”, they gain more self confidence in their abilities, are more likely to work closer to the level of their peers, and are more likely to reach their full potential. It is important that teachers work together to increase the likelihood of these successes.

Level 2:   Co-Teaching

  • IEP – goals are related to content
  • Content/Special Ed. Teacher – co-teach
  • Para professional – present if needed and NOT sitting beside student the entire time. Goal is for student to be independent!
  • Multiple students assigned to the same class (class within a class)
  • Content/Special Ed. Teacher select objectives required for student to pass the class AND any modifications needed based on IEP needs
  • Modifications are communicated to the para professional
  • Student is eligible for the regular assessment with accommodations or the KAMM



  1. Modified homework and assessments related to learning objectives. (individualized for each learner)
  2. Notes provided and reviewed with the para-educator
  3. Alternative modes of assessment of knowledge: oral, computer, multiple choice etc.
  4. Student models
  5. Slow removal of supports (para) as needed
  6. Use of graphic organizers
  7. Student tracking/ ownership of their data
  8. Positive behavior supports
  9. Limited new concepts presented at a given time
  10. Homework structure/support (para, teacher, home communication)
  11. Visuals/models of end product
  12. Segmenting assignments into small steps with monitoring
  13. Highlight key points/main ideas on written directions
  14. Teach key words to alert important information is about to be presented

What Successful Teachers Do in the Inclusive Classroom (McNary, Glascow and Hicks)

Other Resources:

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