The Focus Of Education, Diana Wieland and Joni Clark-Leiker (What’s Become Clear #21)


images-1Diana Wieland

Director Of Curriculum andInstruction, Colby Public School
Colby Public Schools


images-2Joni Clark-Leiker

Career Counselor, Colby High School

 If you could only focus on three things in your school district? …

My answers today …

1. Change from a culture of compliance to a culture of authentic engagement. – Authentically engaging every student, this is the BIIG one and involved customized and individualized education for every kid. Project, problem and issue based learning.

2. A Dream Plan for every student … Read The Dream Manager – Matthew  Kelly … This is kind of college ready, career ready, citizen ready, career plan all rolled up in one. Joni Clark-Leiker , counselor in Colby, has been through the training (she was the only educator in the training) had her students lead a conference with their parents where they discussed their dreams and plans to achieve them.

3. It’s what they know and do, not where and how … validation of learning … move the system to acknowledge the students achievement regardless of where they learned it and how they demonstrated their learning. ie Give a music credit to the kid who has taken private lessons and done recitals outside of school.


Creativity and Innovation



College and Career ready

Personal health and Wellness for kids

Career plan for every student

I also think you have to simultaneously address four areas to really move education to meeting the needs of every student …

1. What we teach needs to be changed to what we want each student to know, do and be like?

2. How we teach needs to be changed to how we make sure (facilitate) the educational experience of each student?

3. How we organize to teach needs to change to how do we structure each student’s time to best master what they need to know, do and be like?

4. How do we assess learning needs to change to how do we validate the success of each student’s achievement of their goals?