The Power of the Para-educator (Spedcast #10)

photoWith over half a million para-educators in the United States serving special ed. populations, it is evident that para-educators play a vital role in education today. Resource teachers depend upon para-educators to be their eyes and ears especially in the inclusive environment.

Today’s special guest is a para-educator at a local High School. Please welcome, Charles Smalling!!!

     Charles shares his reasons for becoming a para-educator and why he is passionate about his role with kids. He talks about the struggles kids have and how para-educators can best meet these needs. Kids come to school with a lot more worries than their academics. Having a place to vent on occasion is important. Charles shares about the skills or strategies he believes are needed to work with students successfully. Among these are Patience, Relationship, and Empathy.

Listen in to this short but relevant talk here on Spedcast!

Important resources may be found in  the show notes:

National Center for Para-Educators

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Inclusion supports

Behavior Supports

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