“Those” Kids: Learners We All Have

Today, we’re talking with longtime friend, Cindy Sheets, a retired gifted ed teacher who taught K-6 students.  Cindy shares 4 stories about “those kids,” learners in all our classrooms who are sometimes difficult to engage in deeper learning.  One student is a “feed me Seymour” girl who always wants to be reassured that she’s on the right path.  Another story is about a group of boys who are a bit lackadaisical and spend more time making excuses to get out of work than they do actually working.  The third story is about a boy who struggled socially, who didn’t have friends, and who no one in the class thought would be able to create a joyful masterpiece of learning — that topped everyone else!  The final story is about Cindy herself, and how one student helped her to pause and “listen longer” or not shut down a student’s “silly” idea before it had a chance to fully bloom.

We all have these learners in their room. Come take a listen to see how these kids were impacted by Project Based Learning!


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