Timelines (History Tech #37)

Do  you want the ability to do lots and lots of things with only one tool?

Creating a timeline is not always a simple task, however technology is making it easier.  A couple of Glenn’s favorite tools for creating timelines are the free web-based tools called Padlet and HSTRY.

Padlet not only can be used for collaboration, but can help you  build a functional and chronological presentation with text, dates, images and even videos for a visually appealing and stimulating timeline.

HSTRY seems perfect for the “show me what you know” styles of assessment in standards-based classrooms. It is designed for historical timelines, but there are infinite possibilities for creating projects.

Both Padlet and HSTRY  give you the ability to align timelines with C4 Framework elements, state standards, and Common Core Literacy Standards for History / Government.

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