What Pushes Your Buttons? (Leading In Life #13)


Everyone has triggers.  Some have more than others and some of the triggers (also called buttons) create catabolic energy. The key is to become aware of what triggers stress or drains energy.  The reality is everyone has buttons that WE allow others to push. Pushing Buttons

Instead of feeling attacked when you are triggered, a key is to look through a level five lens of opportunity.  As leaders we have the responsibility to be good stewards of our time and withhold negative assumptions and judgments.

  1. What core emotion is rising to the surface when you are triggered?
  2. Where is the trigger coming from?  What is the opportunity for growth?
  3. How might you address stressful situations when you are triggered through a level five lens?
  4. How might you stop allowing others to push your buttons?

Don’t own others’ emotions.  Each person has a choice of how to react or respond to a situation.  The way we address situations and triggers is different if you respond anabolically.

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