What’s Happening Around Topeka With Cheryl Semmel (KSSA Talk #27)

Cheryl Semmel, Executive Director, USA Kansas rejoins Bill Hagerman for another podcast. Topics for the day centered on  what is currently happening at Topeka with Kansas Legislature.  But before Semmel gets to the Legislature topics she gives recognition to Bart Goering for being one of three candidates for the AASA President-Elect position Brenda Dietrich on her acceptance of the Helping Kids Grant, and Dr. Bill Hagerman on being 2014 KSSA Distinguished Service Award recipient. 

Semmel  and Hagerman focused their conversation on what is happening at Topeka.  Some of the topics discussed are all day kindergarden, common core and others.  Join Bill and Cheryl and stay tuned to what his happening at the State House.

2014 Legislative Updates and Statehouse News

Contact Cheryl Semmel at:
515 S. Kansas Avenue
Suite 201
Topeka, Kansas 66603
Phone: 785.232.6566

Remember it is an election year.

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